5 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘ONE OF A KIND’ Designs


Born from the heart

Everyone knows that KEEP Collective is Stella & Dot's little sister, but how did the idea of a charm brand come around? It all started with a goal: to take a jewelry brand and make it totally customizable and personal.

During a brainstorm on the new brand, Blythe Harris, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, and Charlotte Macaulay, Senior Design Director, both brought images from the Pont des Arts (more commonly known as the Love Lock Bridge) in Paris. They were inspired by the idea that each padlock contained someone’s story, their happily ever after, and a whole lot of love. KEEP Collective was born out of a need to take that story and wear it every day!

It’s the little details that matter

Surprise! Have you ever noticed that every charm is embossed with our key logo and a small quartz diamond on the back? It’s just a small added touch to remind you how much love we put into each piece.

Every idea takes time

Speaking of how much love goes into KEEP charms and Keepers… did you know that the process of bringing you high-quality (and cute!) jewelry takes on average about six months? It all starts in the brilliant minds of our creative team in Sausalito, where they sketch ideas and create the new line. Then, their ideas come to life in production, where each piece is meticulously tested for up to 3-5 rounds before it’s approved. Finally, it winds up on your Keeper!

The possibilities are endless

At any given time, we have about 725 different charms and Keepers for you to pick and choose your most meaningful combinations (and we’re ALWAYS growing). That’s over 500,000 different ways to make your one of a kind design. But wait, didn’t we say endless? Well yes, because with engraving charms, there is no limit! Just by putting your unique spin on a blank charm, you’ve created a design we didn’t even know existed.

Giving A Run for the Money

You know we're in the business of helping women create their one of a kind life with a flexible schedule and providing them with an alternative way to earn, but how much earning is happening? We've paid out more than $40 MIL in commissions since launching a little over two years ago. That's a lot of dollars and a lot of changed lives.  

And this is just the surface. Do you have a question you’ve always wanted to ask? Let us know. We’d love to answer it in a whole new blog post for you!