Most Loved & All New


Fall is here! Well at least in the KEEP Collective world, it is. We look forward to the seasons changing because that means tons of NEW things to love and more ways to add to your story. Sure, it's hard to pick our favorites, but we took a poll and these six picks are really making us 'happy our hearts out'. 


Engraving LEaves

Leaves on a tree all come from the same roots, just like family! Celebrate all the different leaves on your family tree with the Engraving Leaf. With just enough room for initials, you can represent the ones you love most and keep them with you all day.


Coffee CUP

I'll take my coffee to go, please! For the girl who needs her caffeine to power her busy life or the one who sips it leisurely with a book in hand, the To Go Coffee charm is sure to give her the zip she needs to start and finish the day strong (like your coffee, get it?).


High Heel

Put on your dancing shoes and kick it into high gear. Whether you're a heel with every outfit girl or a special occasions only lady, we can all agree that your best foot is truly forward when the High Heel charm is on your Keeper! 


Mirror Band

Mirror, mirror on my wrist, check out the Single Band Keeper with the latest twist! With a subtle shine, the Mirror Band adds a little polish to your story and a chance to reflect on all the moments and memories it represents. 



Snake Skin Triple Wrap

It's ssssssstory time and there's ssssssso much extra room for the charms you love on the Snake Skin Triple Wrap. Get ready to ssssslither onto the wild side with the snake skin-inspired or transform it to an earthy faux suede. 



Adjustable Engravable Bracelet

Re-cord you favorite saying, your motto, coordinates, or initials. Anything you can think of, you can say it with engraving, now in an adjustable bracelet! This Adjustable Engravable Bracelet is the perfect way to put your own spin on your story and stack on something a little extra personal. 


Show us your fall favorites using the hashtag #ikeephappy or by sharing them in the comments on Facebook