The Science of Color


KEEP science, that is! It’s long been known by REAL scientists that color affects your mood, habits, and sometimes even psychology. So when we started brainstorming our Luxe Stones, we knew they needed to be just as meaningful as our other charms. But how? The answer is, of course, color! All of our stones are a reminder of the feelings and emotions you want to bring into your life, so here’s a rundown of what’s what!



The soft pink of rose quartz is soothing, happy, and comforting, just like all the fuzzy feelings that come along with TRUE LOVE. When we make a charm using rose quartz, it’s meant to bring all kinds of love to life: romantic, familial, and friendships. Just like a hug, pink on your Keeper means you’re wearing your heart on your sleeve.



The aqua-green stone has long been associated with close ties and tight bonds, so in the KEEP Collective line, Turquoise stands for unbreakable friendships. Whether it’s a whole stone or just a touch of color, we know celebrating best friends, new and old, is priority #1! Wearing turquoise on your Keeper can keep friends far away close and keep friends close by even closer to your heart.




A piece of advice that always sticks with you or your daily mantra, Lapis is for those little bits of wisdom you learn along the way. The intense blue is hard to miss once it’s placed on your Keeper, which is perfect because you don’t want to forget a piece of guidance in the heat of a moment.



Work-life, family, the books, life is a balancing act. No color reminds you of that better than the deep, speckled black of Larvikite. We know sometimes it feels like we’re juggling a million things, so when you add these stones to your Keeper, you’re calling for balance in all things in your life. It’s your permission and reminder to go ahead and take a deep breath.



Green is the color of calm, harmony, and growth. It is also the color that appears most in the natural world. There's a sense of "newness" associated with the color green, just think of all things Spring. Like the phrase "being green," we hope wearing this color stone brings you the happiness of starting any endeavor out fresh (and the success associated with the color, as well)!


Have questions about other colors and stone meanings? Don’t hesitate to ask! Let us know and we’ll do some exploring for you and get back ASAP.