5 Tips To Skate Through the Holidays


Halloween is officially over and we’re capitalizing on our sugar high by making a plan to get stuff done during the crazy holiday season. It’s tough to stay calm between all the hosting, lists, gift wrap, and events, but here are some strategies to tackle everything so you can sit back and celebrate!

Check Your To-Do Lists Twice


‘Tis the season of lists! You have gift lists, grocery lists, nice/ naughty lists, and you’re checking them all twice, right? Well, there’s a reason Santa relies on his lists to make sure he doesn’t miss anyone: they work.

At the start of the holiday season, make an overall to-do list, including events, presents, and any big-deal grocery trips (like the one before Thanksgiving, for example). Every day, make a smaller to-do list with five or so tasks to get done that day. If you want to be extra thorough, you can estimate the amount of time that task will take to make sure you can get everything into your schedule!

Avoid Peak Times

Speaking of time, who has time to waste standing in lines? By avoiding peak times in malls and grocery stores, you’ll spend less time running errands and more time checking things off your to-do list!

Stores are most organized in the A.M. hours, before hoards of holiday shoppers have rifled through the shelves, so beat the lunch crowds if you can.

If you live in a populated area, you can probably skip the lines altogether with programs like Instacart, Amazon Prime, or InstaShop. Technology can be a lifesaver during these busy times!

Master Multi-Tasking

Need to wrap presents but also want to catch up on your favorite show? DO BOTH! Multi-tasking is a science, but when you get it down, you can do two things at once like a pro. You don’t, however, want to feel frazzled or too taxed.

A good rule of thumb for successful multi-tasking is to do one task that requires mental concentration (like making phone calls or listening to a podcast) and do another task that requires your hands (like shopping, gift wrapping, or decorating). Nothing feels as good as knocking out two things in the time you might have spend doing only one!

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff


As much as you plan, and list, and prep, something is bound to go wrong at some point. Whether it’s big like a missed flight or a burnt turkey, or small like procrastinating on last minute gifts, don’t let the mishaps crush your holly jolly spirit!

Take a deep breath in these moments and remind yourself that the holidays aren’t about the material things, but are about giving out as much love and joy as possible to those around you. In times of momentary crisis, try to respond with warmth, not stress, and most likely you’ll feel better in no time.

Treat Yourself

In the spirit of the giving season, don’t forget to give yourself a little love! Schedule a little ‘you’ time once a week to unwind or cut loose, and (for the sake of your mental health, of course) lick the spoon!