5 Tools for Taking Photos to the Next Level


You know you've felt it, that moment where you take the PERFECT Instagram shot. Everything came together serendipitously, right? The lighting was perfect, the wind was blowing just right, a fairy waved her magic wand and you just know, this is the shot. 

If only it was that easy. Behind the scenes, a photo is never about all-of-a-sudden getting that perfect shot. It's more about the tools and set-up making that shot possible. Want your Insta pictures to look as good as the pros? Use these five tools and your KEEP photos will be instantly like-worthy. 

Light Box

A Light Box is like having a little mini photo studio in your home. Not everyone can afford to have all the fancy equipment, but even the most craft challenged of us can build our own light box. With just some foam board, tape, scissors, and bulbs, you can have your own perfectly lit product shots. Check out how easy it truly is here.

Don't want to build your own? We don't blame you. You can also buy one like this LED Desktop Studio

Flat Black Foil

Have a weird glare on a particularly shiny Keeper? Flat Black Foil is your new best friend! You can wrap the foil around a light to direct it toward the product, or place it on a surface (as shown in the photo below) that might be too bright. It will reflect the light away from the overly-lit spot and reduce glare. 


Mat Board

A Mat Board is essential for getting the right lighting in the right place. It can also served as a solid background, surface, or backdrop. Don't be afraid to take a few shots using the board in different ways to get a feel for how the board affects the lighting of your photos. Stick to a plain white one, readily available at your local craft store! 

Blue Stik

Want your Keeper to stand up all on it's own? Okay, it can't do it by itself, but with a little help from Blue Stik, it'll be like your designs sprouted legs. It's as easy as placing the adhesive putty wherever you want on your Keeper and angling (or stacking) the Keepers to get the shot you want. The putty is reusable, too, so don't worry about getting it right the first time. 



They say the jewelry makes the girl, but did you know the props make the photo? Don't get us wrong, we're fans of the "wrist shot" just like you, but think of how much more interesting your Instagram feed will be when you add even more of your favorite things. Have a coffee-themed Keeper, take a picture of it wrapped around your mug! Or a running-themed Keeper? Pile it somewhere in the rest of your gear. We could go on forever, but you get the picture ;)