Yay! It's American Business Women's Day

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Okay, today might be our favorite “hashtag day” of the year! Yep, you guessed it #AmericanBusinessWomensDay. It’s a day when the whole world (or at least those who pay attention to Twitter trends) focuses on what we focus on every day: making women successful in business.

We could talk forever about that…seriously, check out our Manifesto...but we thought it would be better for you to hear some tips from “insanely successful” women in our business: the Designers!

These are women who are bringing their A game every day, crushing their goals, and rising to the top of their business. Take some advice from the best and you’ll be the best, right?

I ask EVERYBODY... You never know who may be checking out your gorgeous jewels, your successes with KEEP, and thinking they want that, too!
— Emma Rose, Associate Director
I attribute my success to an innate desire to always leave others feeling happier, stronger, and more courageous than before I met them. When I feel stuck myself, I always make sure I take time for what brings me the greatest joy: spending time with family, traveling, or being creative, in some way.
— Amanda McDaniel, Senior Director
I always stay true to my core beliefs: work hard and be kind to people. I use systems to help me stay focused, so that I’m able to get the most out of my working hours.
— Kelly Bryan, Platinum Director
I want people to remember the impact I made on them. With every mockup, I send to a customer is a chance for them to wear a piece that tells their story. Reaching out to a team member is a chance to encourage them to be their best self and reach their goals.
— Crystal Blin, Director