At Our Core

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KEEP Collective was born out of the idea that our jewelry is a reflection of ourselves and our stories. Based on that simple idea, when we asked ourselves how to add meaning to accessories, we asked one question: what is most important in our lives?

The answer became our meaning “buckets,” or where our charms fall in the categories of our lives: Love, Family, Friendship, Faith, and Passions. These are the five pillars our company was built on and the five things we love most to celebrate. But these are also “big” words that sometimes lose their meaning because we use them as shorthand for both large concepts and small moments, so we thought we’d break them down a little and give them their meaning back!



We all know the classic love story, the happily ever after, the love songs on the radio, but here at KEEP we like to think of love as so much more than that. Love is the moments in the kitchen making pizzas on Tuesday night. Love is the moment you meet, but also the moment you hug it out after a fight. Love is in that fight. Love is between spouses, but also between children and friends and coworkers and even strangers passing on the street sometimes. Love is what fills your heart and can sometimes be felt for pancakes!

When you add a ‘love’ charm to your Keeper, you’re not just saying “I have one person in my life who I love,” you’re saying “I have love in my life.” And that’s what love means to us.




There’s one family quote we always come back to at KEEP: Families are like branches on a tree, we grow in different directions, but our roots remain as one. Family is always growing, always evolving, and always at the core of who you are. It’s how you were raised and it shows up in who you’ve become. How many times have we said, “I sounded like my mother just then.”

We also love this quote because it represents the idea of the Family Tree, a living, breathing symbol of the bonds that tie us together. We have the family tree in charm form, but we also have leaves to represent our children and branches to represent our lineage (oh and don’t forget pet charms for your furry family members). We also have charms that celebrate our roles in our families because sometimes being called ‘mom’ is the best part of your day!   



Friends are the family we choose and that’s never been more true than at KEEP Collective. We value our friends because they are the people who encourage us, support us, and most importantly, adventure with us. We love old friends, new friends, friends close, and friends far. They are essential players in our everyday moments and the special occasion ones.

Our friendship charms honor the phone calls and text messages, the road trips and brunches, the shopping trips and the christmas presents. A bracelet made for a friend from KEEP is like an updated version of the summer camp friendship bracelet: a reminder of your good times together, but also a way to say, “You’re a part of my squad”!



Faith is so much more than just religion, it’s what you believe in at your very soul. The word ‘faith’ means, first and foremost, the complete trust and confidence in someone or something. Putting your faith in something is an act of strength, so we want to celebrate all the times being faithful to something brought you back to happiness.

Whether it’s going to church on Sundays, Saturdays, every day, or not at all, your faith in your beliefs can be the thing that gets you through the tough days and helps you see the bright side of them, too. That’s why it’s one of the most important aspects in everyone’s life, religious or not!



This is the hardest bucket to define because what we’re passionate about can be anything! It can be a movie, a book, traveling, photography, scrapbooking, sports, really truly anything, so how do we define a ‘passion’? Easy! It’s just something that makes you smile, something that brings happiness to your life and a brightness to your heart.

So take KEEP with you to the big game, on your bike ride, to your book and wine club, and on your next vacation, we want to cheer you on in everything you’re passionate about!


Want to find out more about our mission and manifesto? Check it out here and, if you love it, remember to share it with a friend!