Designer Spotlight: Meet Jessica Andrews



  • Married: 9 years, together for 13
  • Kids: 7, 5, 9 months
  • Hobby: If she's not watching reality TV, she's watching Instagram stories
  • Fun fact: Hidden tattoos (maybe if you ask, she'll tell you where!)
  • Walk up song: ‘All The Single Ladies’ by Beyoncé

If you followed KEEP Designer Jessica Andrews on Facebook or Instagram today, chances are the first thing you’d see would be a live video of her family hamming it up from the camera.

“My kids are so funny and I love to share that!” She said. “My son, James, is such a ham. He’s always showing off for the camera and I think people like watching his life more than mine on my social media.”

Jessica loves showing her world these little moments of real joy between all the chaos, kind of like a little reality TV show (she’s a Bravo TV junky, too!) just for them. With three kids, her days are full of multi-tasking and organized chaos.

“Mornings are crazy!” She said. “Between getting the kids ready, dropping them off at two separate schools, and then trying to get the baby down for a nap, it’s hectic.”

And her afternoons and evenings?

“Those are just as crazy,” she said with a laugh. “Two of my kids are good eaters, but one isn’t, so dinner is always an adventure. Then, of course, there is homework and baths and bedtime. Sometimes, maybe, my husband and I get a few moments together.”


As far as the organized chaos goes, her motto is, “As long as the drawer can close, we’re good!” She’s the kind of woman who knows where everything is, but it’s all over the place, which drives her husband crazy, but works for her.

But don’t worry, Jessica and her family find room for fun! Being from Seattle, they are avid Seahawks fans and in-season Sundays are game days.

“You kind of don’t have a choice to be a fan in Seattle,” she said. “We like to watch the games at home though. I’m usually in yoga pants on my couch with a beer and snacks. I just enjoy being with each other on those days.”

Jessica also loves finding an amazing sale on something. “I get a little joy out of finding something cheaper than it is in the department store.”

She loves to celebrate all these moments of happiness because her days have not always been so easy.

“I give myself a lot more credit now and I’m proud of myself for things,” she said. “I had a hard time in college and I lost a lot of my self-esteem as a result. I was kind of just going with the flow and thought that I needed things in my life that I didn’t need.”

The life she’s built for herself has slowly helped her gain that confidence back.

“With my husband, my family, and now with KEEP, I realize now that I can handle more than I thought I could,” she said. “I’m stronger than I thought I was and I have more confidence in myself and my decisions.”

So in-between all this living, when does Jessica have time to be a KEEP Designer?

“Target!” She said. “I send emails and make designs while I’m walking through the aisles. I have a workspace, but I mostly use it as a display for my Facebook live videos.”

So keep your eyes peeled for Jessica and her funny family on your Facebook and Instagram feeds, and who knows, maybe even Bravo TV someday!