Designer Spotlight: Meet Melissa Copeland



  • Kids: 4 ½, 2 ½

  • Married: Almost 10 years (They met in their high school health class!)

  • First car: Electric Green ‘99 Mustang

  • From: Indiana

  • Hobbies: Technology--anything internet based, blogs, home decor inspo, Instagram

  • Walk up song: ‘Gimme more’ by Britney Spears

The first thing you notice about Melissa Copeland when she comes into the room is her bright purple hair, but in her own words “this is new!”

This year, right before the KEEP’s annual conference Hoopla, Melissa started a movement: the Purple Hair movement. Pretty soon, she and about twenty other KEEP Designers had pink or purple hair.

“That’s what it’s all about,” she said, “creating communities and then having fun with them.”

Melissa is an expert at creating those communities through her own ‘personal brand’ on her social media accounts like Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. It’s a skill she learned years ago, when she launched her own wedding photography business.

“Photography started as a hobby, too,” Melissa said, “but I turned it into a business when I lost my job two months after I got married. I had to. I love being behind the camera and telling people’s stories that way.”

With all the time she spends making a name for herself in her KEEP business and her photography business, you might think that’s all she does, but you’d be very very wrong.


Melissa is also a full-time mom to a 4 ½ year old and a 2 ½ year old. Her typical day is spent doing ‘mom things,’ as she puts it: shuttling the kids, laundry, dinner, bath time, and playtime. Throughout the day though, she works on her KEEP business, posting to her team page, and making sure she engages with her following.

You can catch her working evenings at her white corner desk, surrounded by her KEEP mementos on the walls and a very special spot for tracking her most recent goals.

“My office is the one room that I can shut the door and close the world out,” she said. “I feel like you’re in work mode when you sit down at your desk. I don’t get to sit there that often, but when I do I feel focused.”

Office spaces are a passion of hers. “It’s one of my favorite thing to do search for them on Instagram. They’re inspirational to me and I start thinking about how I can be better at all my jobs and make a more creative space.”

Being the best version of herself is always part of that goal tracking for Melissa.

“People don’t expect it, but I’m really shy. Maybe it’s because I am kind of out-there on social media or maybe it’s the pink hair, but I have to push myself to not be so shy,” she said. “KEEP has brought me out of my shell because you HAVE to meet new people.”

Looking back, she says, there was one clear example of her growth.

“I remember my first KEEP event in Napa and I wouldn’t go up and ask the executives for photos. I regretted it. I told my husband, “I just want to be able to say hi,” so I made sure to reach out at my next event and now it’s no big deal!”

Two years ago, when Melissa started as a Designer, she wasn’t sure what it was going to turn into, but she does believe that KEEP came into her life at just the right time (kind of like her photography business).

“I made KEEP work because my husband got laid off from a really great job and I needed to pick up some of the slack,” she said. “I could have done more weddings, but that meant less time with my kids, so I dug into KEEP. My husband has watched me do my thing for the last nine years, and now it was time for him to chase his dreams. He’s on his way to becoming a police officer now, so we’re both living out our dreams!”