Running Wild in Wonderland


Ever since Alice followed the white rabbit and found an adventure, she has captivated the hearts of millions! Introducing the Disney Alice in Wonderland Collection, where all your dreams become your greatest trials and triumphs! Alice is an inspiration to so many because of her curiosity, courage, and wisdom. Wasn't it she who said, "I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then"?

Now, you can wear her collection as a reminder to always follow where your imagination takes you! 


Alice Charm

For all the days and all the adventures when you changed a few times since morning! The Alice and Wonderland Collection is here and the Alice charm is the centerpiece.


teacup Charm

Tea first, adventure later! There would never be any Alice in Wonderland tea party without The Teacup charm, and so, no adventure. Start your day thinking of six impossible things before breakfast.


white Rabbit's Clock Charm

Take a piece of advice (and hardware) from the White Rabbit, and never be late again with the White Rabbit's Clock charm. Word of warning: this clock stopped a long time ago, so you're still going to need the one on your phone.


Queen of Hearts Card Charm

The Queen of Hearts Card charm reminds you that, even if there's a little risk, sometimes it's worth it to paint the garden red (just, you know, don't lose your head!).


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