Engraving: The KEEP Way


When the idea for KEEP was first born, the idea was to create a way to tell your story with meaningful jewelry—so naturally the next step in the process was engraving. What better way to personalize than with your own words, right?

But also true to the KEEP way, we didn’t stop at just NORMAL, boring engraving. We had to have the best of the best. We’re not naming names, but we can say our process has attracted some big brands to come see how it’s done. Check out what makes it the cutting-edge (see what we did there?) of the industry.


It’s Fast

Like lightning fast! Did we mention big brands have come to see it? It’s so fast that they want to see how it’s done, so they can improve their engraving.

Once you place an order, your design is sent to a laser printer, which quickly carves it into your newest charm. The whole process takes less than 1 minute, and that means you have it even sooner.


It’s Free

Must we say more? The price includes whatever you tell us to write, so say exactly what you wish! If the possibilites are too endless for you, we’ve rounded up some great suggestions from Designers and customers alike, including birthdays, coordinates, bible verses, and your favorite Pinterest quotes.


It’s Fun

With all kinds of shapes, templates, finishes, and scripts, the ways you can speak from your heart are always growing. There’s straight and script fonts, bars, hearts, leaves, and even some shapes with sparkle, shiny or brushed finishes—and we’re not even close to done yet!


Keep checking back for more great engraving options coming in the very very near future.