A Community for Women by Women

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Happy Women’s Equality Day!

As I’m sure you know, co-founder Jessica Herrin started Stella & Dot (and KEEP, too) as a way to change the women think about work. She saw an opportunity for women to look outside the 9-5 grind for ways to do the things they love. Stella & Dot was founded ten years ago to do just that (and has!) and KEEP Collective followed as a way to give EVEN MORE women that chance to create their one of a kind life. In just a little over two years (three years since the beta phrase! where does the time go?), we’ve seen this company truly change lives just like Jessica imagined ten years ago.

And then recently: BOOM! The side gig economy exploded. With the advent of Etsy, Lyft, Uber, food delivery apps, and all the other options available, here at KEEP Collective we had to ask ourselves: what makes us different? What makes us special? Well, we’re quite proud of a few things:

Turning a Passion in Cash

How often do you send your friend a link to a cute top or a pair of shoes you’re dying to own? If you’re like us, it’s probably too often. What used to be mall trips on a Saturday has turned into virtual shopping from your couch with approvals coming through your text line. So, we thought, what if you earned off those shares? After all, you know your friends and family better than a typical employee in a store. You can pick out designs she’ll love and rack up the commissions if they take you up on your suggestions. It’s that easy to be a pro!

We’re always looking for ways to make it easier to share KEEP with your network, so we’ve added exciting new technology (like the Mimi App which makes sharing KEEP news easier right from your mobile device and is available in the iTunes App Store) and even this blog as the next steps in social shopping. So share away!

Bye, Bye Backstock!

When Jessica envisioned a business she’d like to run, she didn’t dream of a garage full of boxes and shelves full of products, so away it went. You can share the KEEP you think they’d love through your own website, Mimi App, in our online Design Studio, or the shoppable Inspiration Gallery. Meanwhile you wear the KEEP you love, and that’s all the product that you need!

Here’s how it works on the back end: we have a Distribution Center and Delight Center. When a customer places an order through our Designers, it goes straight to the customer. And if the customer doesn’t love their order? That’s us, too!

It was our goal to take the financial burden off of women who want to make their own hours and design their own lives.


But even more than all of that, the main ingredient is a simple one: it’s you. Each and every person who signed up to come along with us on this journey and every woman who lifts up and supports other women in their circles. Whether it’s a phone call, an inspirational quote via text, or meeting up for coffee with someone in the KEEP community, you are keeping this mission alive.

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So on this Women’s Equality Day, we wanted to thank all the amazing women in our community who believe in the mission of creating a way for women to love their life. You rock!