Host a Fantastic Friendsgiving


Friends are the family you choose, right? And boy, are we grateful for them! Friends make us laugh, vent with us, and take adventures with us. But, maybe most importantly, they eat and drink with us. That’s why Friendsgiving is one of our favorite holiday rituals here at KEEP Collective.

Any excuse to get all of your friends together and indulge sounds great, but is there make it fun and easy without feeling frazzled? You bet! Here are a few tips to throw a Friendsgiving that will make all your pals say, “THANKS!”

Make It A Potluck

Having everyone bring a dish (and a drink!) is the easiest way to make your Friendsgiving a group effort. Create a way to keep track of who is bringing what, such as a Google sheet or a Doodle, to make sure you have all the basics covered.

Don’t forget to ask who might need to use the oven!

Create A Tradition


Just like all your inside jokes, traditions among friends can be just as important as they are within families. Friendsgiving is the perfect setting for this. Whether it’s a game of touch-football, a big group hike, or just going around the table and saying one thing you’re thankful for, it’s a chance to have a special moment with your friends.

Eliminate The Clean-Up

This one is easy: use paper plates, plastic cups and cutlery, and napkins that can be tossed. Less dishes = less clean-up = more fun!

If you want to be environmentally friendly, use recyclable materials like these.

Share The Planning Duties

One of the reasons that you’re friends is because you like to do things TOGETHER, so why should Friendsgiving be any different. Recruit a close group of people to help you organize, set up, and clean up, so you’re not doing everything yourself while everyone else has fun.

Decorate With Your Memories


Friendsgiving is about celebrating each other and the decorations should follow suit. Make collages with all the pictures you’ve taken over the last year, include quotes of inside jokes on banners, make table settings with nicknames…basically, let your inner-Pinterest princess take over.

But don’t forget the number one rule of Friendsgiving: gather with a grateful heart!