Woven Together: A Friendship Bracelet Story


Jewelry is symbolic. There’s the wedding ring that signifies infinite commitment, family heirlooms that represent family history and stories, lockets with pictures of your loved ones. We were them all to remember those things we cherish throughout the day.

One accessory that gets left behind in our adult years, though, is the summer-camp-memory inducing Friendship Bracelet. It’s widely accepted that the origins of the friendship bracelet comes from native peoples in Central and South America, where it was used to represent religious or tribal affiliations, but the art of knot tying goes all the way back as far as 481 to 221 B.C. in China.


Traditional friendship bracelet making, the kind we made a camp back in the day, grew in popularity in the U.S. during the 1970s and 1980s. The woven and knotted bracelets were a symbol of the memories made with childhood friends, the kind that were so happy that you just never wanted to forget them (especially when you went back to dreaded SCHOOL).

But here at KEEP, we gotta ask… how come the friendship bracelet and those kinds of fun-loving memories don’t come with us into adulthood? Our friends never stop being our tribe, so we think a friendship bracelet can mean just as much now as it did then.

Here’s a little breakdown of how to create the grown-up version of the nostalgic staple.

1. Color is everything.

Whether it’s your favorite color, a mood you want to invoke, or just something that matches your outfit, color is everything! It has always been used to show status, associations, and pride. If you don’t know where to start, use this chart based on your friend’s personality traits or check out our blog on how we use color to tell a story.

Color Wheel.jpg



Pink -- kind

Red -- honest

Orange -- energetic

Yellow -- cheerful

Green -- responsible

Blue -- loyal

Black -- strong


2. Based in your adventures

Like your friendship, your adventures start with a base and your friendship bracelet should be no different. Want to invoke the traditional friendship bracelet vibe? Go with a Woven Band. Is your friend more classic and modern? Go with a Leather Band. Does she like all things shiny and metallic? Get her a Multi-chain or Mesh Band! There’s even necklaces if she’s truly not a bracelet gal.

3. Personalize it.

Your friendship story is 100% unique because no two people are alike and no two meetings are alike. So where do you start?

Our advice: make a list of five things you share with your friend. Did you take a trip together? Do you always jam to your favorite song in the car? Do you have weekly or monthly get togethers around a glass of wine or coffee? Maybe you bonded over your love of peanut butter.

Choose a few of those precious moments and get a few charms to represent them. Still having trouble finding something for her? Try engraving!

4. Add turquoise.


Every good friendship bracelet needs turquoise because it’s the color that best represents all the good times you’ve had together and all the times you’ve needed each other for support. Find out more about how we use turquoise to tell a story here.

5. Make your own!

What’s one good friendship bracelet without a twin? Make your own exactly the same, do it in different colors, or start from scratch. No matter what you choose, these bracelets represent the both of you and are a way to keep your friendship close, always!