The Gingerbread Man Is Back!


Run, Run, as Fast AS you Can! The Gingerbread Man Charm is Back in Stock. 

And he'll need a good home to rest his tired little legs in! Building a gingerbread house is an age-old holiday tradition for a reason: it's a fun and creative way to celebrate the season!

Whether you make a humble homemade abode or a elaborate editable edifice, there's no wrong way to decorate for your favorite cookie friend. Here are a few different ideas to get your started: 


GRAham Cracker Castle

Sure, gingerbread is traditional, but it's not always as readily available as its cracker-y cousin: the Graham Cracker! If you're throwing a small get together or decorating with kids, graham cracker walls are a great alternative to fragile gingerbread. You can break off small pieces or easily replace accidentally broken bits. 


If you want a little extra sweetness and sparkle, get the cinnamon flavored graham crackers! 

Bring Over His BUddies

Gingerbread people are the main event of this post, but we can't forget all their sweet friends! Get the buddies together for a good-old-fashion house party with treats like Sour Patch Kids, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Santa, marshmallow snowpeople, Swedish Fish, gummy bears, or anything other candied creatures. 


WiNter wonderland

White icing is the best way to coat your gingerbread world in sweet snow, but there's so many other ways to turn it into the white Christmas your gingerbread man is dreaming of. We love this idea of making waffle cones into powder-covered trees, or using power sugar to create a light dusting of "snow."

MarshMAllow Madness

We already mentioned marshmallow snowpeople, but the options to use the gooey treats are endless! Combine marshmallows with other candies to make cute additions like these bunnies and penguins, or melt the marshmallows down into a paste and drip it from the "rafters" to give your scene an ice-y look.

Don't forget the classic use for marshmallows and mold whatever you like out of crispy rice treats! 

Pretzel Log Cabins

Snow-covered trees and gum-drop bushes aren't authentic enough without the true "log cabin" experience for your gingerbread family? If so, do not worry, there's an easy fix: pretzels. Just attach them to your gingerbread using icing (or marshmallow, see above) and let them try laying flat. Then prop up your new wood-inspired walls and get decorating. 


Last but not least, you're going to need your gingerbread baking Keeper for the occasion so get it in our holiday shop here