Happy Haiku Day!


Like your favorite Keepers, a haiku is a meaningful and emotional look into the soul. If you don't remember your elementary lesson on haikus, they are three-lined poems comprised of 17 syllables: five syllables on the first line, seven on the second, and five on the last. In its most pure form, haiku is about capturing the beauty of your world in the short, concise form of poetry lines. 

At KEEP Collective, we ALSO love things stacked in three lines and packed with meaning. Today, we'll call these story stacks KEEP Haiku bracelets (and there's haikus to accompany them because, why not?)


Love Haiku

We made it even

while the world pushed us apart.

P.S. I love you.


Family Haiku

Apples of her eye:

we bloom from each other's love

& grow from her roots.


Adventure Haiku

Hit the open road.

Get ready for adventure.

Life's a journey.


Friendship Haiku

Love the lucky few

who teach me, laugh with me, push

me to be the best.


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