The Time We Turned Three!


It's our birthday and we're ready to paaaaaarty! 

Can you believe its already been three years since KEEP Collective was born? As a community, we've experienced so much growth, happiness, and support—mostly thanks to you! Since we're three (and because its award season!), we thought we'd celebrate with our all our Top Threes. Get ready because these are amazing things to celebrate!

Top Three All-Time Favorite Charms

  1. Mom Charm
  2. Mini Engravable Bar
  3. Initials

Top Three 2018 Pieces (So far... Of Course!)

  1. Beaded Engravable Bracelet in Rose Quartz
  2. KEEP Pin
  3. Adjustable Engravable Bracelet in Hematite

Top Three Biggest Things to Happen EVER

  1. Going international (Shout out to Canada!)
  2. Partnering with Disney
  3. Launching Engraving

Top Three Hoopla Moments

  1. General Manager Dana Bloom JUMPING OUT OF AN AIRPLANE
  2. Unveiling DISNEY to our community
  3. Shawn Anchor's appearance and speech

Top Three Things We're MOST Proud Of

  1. Paying out over $45 million in commission to hard-working women
  2. Partnering to help organizations like Kind Campaign, Bright Pink, and HollyRod 
  3. Leading the industry in technology that makes it easier for YOU to design a life you love

We would LOVE to hear about your Top Three moments with KEEP Collective (maybe your favorite designs, your favorite customers, your favorite purchases with your KEEP Card, anything!) in the comments. Don't be shy! We do, after all, only turn three once.