Holiday Hosting: The KEEP Way


The holiday season is full of cheer, and by that we mean parties! If it seems like every person you know is hosting something this season, you might get a little tired of eggnog, ugly sweaters, and caroling. Wondering how to make your holiday party unique? We've got some ideas for you right here:


Cookie Swap

Everyone has a holiday cookie recipe they love. Whether it's one that's been passed down through generations or something they just tried out, have all your guests bring a plate of cookies to share. Like any good potluck, it makes your life easier as the host and let's guests show off their serious cookie skills! 

You can make it extra fun by voting for party favorites like Best Classic Cookie, Most Fun Cookie, and Best Decorated Cookie. Just make sure you have great cookie-related prizes for your winners. 


White Elephant

White elephant is an old holiday tradition but it's also a great way to liven up your holiday party. Come up with a few guidelines beforehand (price threshold, theme, and don't forget to remind them to wrap it!), then serve up the mulled wine and get gifting! 

You can find the typical rules for White Elephant here, but don't be afraid to put some "house rules" of your own in place. For example, every person brings TWO gifts (one practical and one silly) OR the ever-popular Frozen Gifts which makes things a little more competitive. 


Ornament Making

For the crafty group, you can throw a party that brings to mind some elementary school nostalgia: making your own ornaments! It's a great way to entertain your guests, spark their creativity, and give them a party favor they'll always treasure. 

Find some ideas for ornament making here. You can also outsource your materials, potluck style, and have guests bring decorating do-dads!


Scavenger Hunt

Another throwback to your childhood days and an alternative to caroling, design the ultimate holiday scavenger hunt for your guests. Include typical holiday staples, like candy canes, cinnamon sticks, holiday cookies, wrapping paper 'extras', etc. Bonus points to the team with the most creative finds! 

Just don't forget to mix them thermoses of hot chocolate and make sure they bring warm clothes, so they'll be comfortable going door-to-door.


Gingerbread House Building

Photo by karamba70/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by karamba70/iStock / Getty Images

It's no secret that at KEEP, we LOVE gingerbread and designing we have to suggest a gingerbread house building party! This is another idea where outsourcing your materials can save you time and money, so ask guests to bring "decorations" like marshmallows and candy canes. All you have to do is make gingerbread sheets and some icing! 

You can find some unique gingerbread house ideas here


Alright ONE more tiny suggestion: add KEEP to any holiday soirée and make it a Design Session! Learn more about the benefits of hosting and how to do it here