To Grandmother's House We Go

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Photo courtesy of Getty Images


Are we there yet? might as well be a Christmas song since we hear it so often during the holidays. All the traveling to see friends and family during the season is worth it, but it can make for some long days (especially with little ones in tow). Prevent a fa-la-la-la-fit and keep the holidays holly jolly with these tips!

Make Pit Stops a Tradition

While you plan your routes, look for places that will disguise your bathroom and snack breaks as fun. Maybe it’s a diner with the perfect milkshakes or a gas station with a funny theme, or maybe it’s just a treat the kids (or you) don’t normally get to have, but a pit stop to look forward to will break up the monotony of the drive. Making the stop a tradition will give you all fond memories of the drive for years to come!

Pack a Goodie Bag

Whether you’re going in a plane, train, or automobile, a goodie bag makes the kids happy travelers. The perfect goodies looks different for everyone, but here are some recommendations:

  • A book

  • A small toy like LEGO or Shopkins

  • An activity book or coloring book

  • Crayons or colored pencils

  • A sweet treat

Like the final destination, the journey will be a highlight because of the little presents they can play with on the way!

Jam to a Playlist

The songs of our youth always come creeping back in and make us dance in our car seats, right? And those nostalgic feelings come from long drives with the family. Inspire a jam session with the ultimate playlist and you’ll also be passing on a love for your favorite songs!

Have an Emergency Kit

All the planning in the world can not prevent small emergencies on the road. Prepare for bloody noses, car sickness, temper tantrums, and any other thing that might happen by keeping an emergency kit within close reach. Pack it with medicines, paper bags, a few snacks that will last for a long time, and maybe an extra pair of undergarments (just in case!).

But no matter what, remember that the getting there is part of the adventure—good or bad—and at the end of the road is more memories to be made!