365 Days. 12 New Chances.


Let's Take #KEEP365 Viral


When we think about all the things we love about being a part of the KEEP Collective community, it really comes down to the little things. Sure, we love to celebrate the big wins like a huge paycheck, hitting a goal, or earning a vacation you never thought possible, but we truly jump and down for the stolen moments of me-time, the afternoons spent frog catching, or the deep breath you take just before you dive in to the pool. 

Sometimes these everyday victories get lost, we get overwhelmed, it can feel like everyone needs something FROM us, but we think, just maybe if you look hard enough, there's always something to celebrate even on the hardest days. That's what #KEEP365 is about, showing the happy amidst the chaos (and recognizing that sometimes the chaos is the happy)! 


Because you're here, we know those little moments are HUGE for you, too. So this is our challenge to you: starting RIGHT NOW, look for the happy in every day and post something on your social media channels using #KEEP365 to remind yourself and this community that we smile at challenges and greet them like old friends. Think of it like a photo album of happiness for you to look back on. If you post something EVERY DAY, you'll have 365 reminders of what made you happy that day...what could brighten a mood better than that? 

If you follow us on Facebook and Instagram, you'll see that we're going to be doing this with you. We'll mark every photo with the day of the project (you don't have to start on Jan. 1st, that's the beautiful thing about this. 365 starts anytime!) and the hashtag #KEEP365. Our goal is to fill this hashtag thread with love, laughter, and a true sense of who we are as KEEP Collective. Are you with us? 


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