March KEEP-cap


Don't Sleep On This Month's Opportunity 


Last week, we shared 50 reasons to join our amazing community of women doing what they love, but don't take it from us! 

We rounded up some of our best resources to tell you why the time is NOW, including our KEEP Podcast about all the fabulous perks of sharing KEEP. Listen in on a call with Regional Sales Director, Susie Egr, and KEEP Director, Jennifer Sulzbach, and a join in a  Facebook Live video with Chief Happiness Officer, Mike Lohner, and Designer, Leigh Jones Reid. 

If you're already a KEEP Designer, share the love far and wide. If you're interested in becoming one, check out the podcast and video, then click the link on the bottom of this post! 


Bonus tip: You have FOUR MORE days (March 31st, 2018) to get $50 extra in your favorite KEEP jewelery when you become a KEEP Designer, so there's no better time to join than RIGHT NOW!