It's Her Day... Mother's Day!


When you're small, your whole world revolves around one person: your mom. But who says that has to stop as you grow up?

A mother means everything to some one, so we make Mother's Day a BIG DEAL! Here at KEEP, we want to recognize that moment when someone yells 'Mom!" in public and four moms say back, "What?" 

It's not just about your mom, it's about moms everywhere. We celebrate new moms, grandmas, best friends who are moms, and moms who are our best friends. Moms who are also wives, who are hard workers, who are athletes, and couch potatoes. No matter what 'Mom' you're shopping for, the Just For Mom Shop is the only place you'll need to look. 


What're you getting your Mom? May 13th is the day to remember this year!