National KEEP Pet Day

feature image.jpg

Note to HQ: If you ask our KEEP community for photos of their pets...well, expect them to deliver! Everyone knows that fur babies are sometimes the MOST important members of our families, so cue up #NationalPetDay and get ready for all the cute! 

A huge thank you to every single Designer who shared photos with us. The thread was the highlight of a lot of people's day and man, did we ohhhhh and ahhhhh our brains out. Unfortunately, this webpage couldn't support EVERY pet picture, but fret not. We picked out some dapper dogs, some cute cats, some hamsters hamming it up, even a few cows, horses, lizards, pigs, donkeys, chicks and even two zebras!

Don't take our word for it, though, and enjoy the show! 

How did you make it down here without dying from cuteness overload? Well now that you are, post photos of your KEEP Pets in the comments on our Facebook. We're ready for more!