Keep The Good Stuff Coming


If you're here reading this blog, you probably already know how to create amazing, storytelling designs with charms and Keepers, but KEEP Collective is becoming so much more than charm bracelets. We're so excited to share all the new ways to wear it and layer your story in the new collection. 


Pin IT!

Now your KEEP can go anywhere you want! That's right, pin it on your favorite denim jacket, your backpack, or even your shoelace. The new Pin is a versatile way to display your favorite charms and it's only $19*!


Bead It & Engrave It

We love our engravable bracelets and our Inspiration beads, so why not have two good things come together to make one GREAT thing. Engrave your motto, the coordinates of a special place, a birthday, or anything else your heart desires.  


Wrap It

Just add BEADS! The Beaded Wrap bracelets are an easy one-stop-shop way to add a layer of meaning to your story. Each bracelet is made with love and represents the things you hold dear. 


Keep It Close To Your Heart

We think engraving means just a little bit more when it hangs close to your heart, so meet the newest engravable necklaces! Whether you fall in love with the simple shape of the Heart Engravable Necklace or you want to add a little sparkle with the Pavé Engravable Necklace, these special pieces will speak volumes.  


STack It

With all of these great new ways to to tell your story, why stop at just one? Stack your traditional Keeper with charms, add an layer of engraving, and then top it off with a simple wrapped bracelet and you'll really have a whole story, right on your wrist.  


Check out everything that's new for Spring and don't forget to show us your favorites using the hashtags #KEEP365 and #ikeephappy or by sharing them in the comments on Facebook