Your Most Productive 20 Minutes: Coffee Break


You’re already starting your day with an instant jolt of feel-good caffeine, so why leave that time with the cup half empty?

1. Do A Focused Activity

Ask any of our multi-tasking Designers, focus is key. Use the twenty minutes you’re drinking your coffee (or eating your lunch, or waiting for the kids to finish soccer practice) to do one thing and one thing only. No text messages, no facebook lurking, just whatever that “thing” is lurking on your to-do list!

Whether it’s responding to email, making a chore list, or, in the case of KEEP Designers, helping a customer, you’ll be sure to get it done if you’re laser focused.

2. Have A Set Space

One of the best things you can do to ensure you’re paying attention to the task at hand is to have a space where you always, always do that activity. Reading the newspaper? Do it in the same spot on the couch. Writing the next great American novel? Make your desk a productivity machine and have everything you need right there.

Automated, almost ritualistic, behaviors let our minds know that we are ready to do the darn thing! Check out this video about it:


3. Use It As Study Hour

Not the kind you used to have to retire to the library to do, but maybe something like that. If you’re a KEEP Designer, catch up on webcasts, podcasts, the Buzz, and recorded calls you might have missed from the days before you were most productive self.

If you’re not a KEEP Designer (maybe you want to check it out), read articles on your profession or passions, listen to inspiring podcasts, or get lost down a rabbit hole of learning something new!

4. Relax


This may seem counter-intuitive because relaxing makes some of us feel the must-be-doing-something panic, but time spent clearing your mind and letting go of stress is actually really good for you. When you jump back into projects for the day, you’re refreshed and ready to go.


So go ahead, let yourself take a deep roasted-bean-filled breath and chill.