It's Easy Being Green


May'S Birthstone

You don't have to be born in May to wear this deep green gem! You can also wear it to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, to remind you of rolling green fields in Ireland, or, you know, just because you like green! 


Pebbled Emerald LeAther Band

Green for spring growth and navy for a nautical summer! You have two seasons covered with just one band (and your green charms look great on either side!)


Green Quartz Stone Bar

Green quartz is said to prepare the heart for healing, strength, and openness. Wear this bright green stone to promote joy, self-acceptance, forgiveness, and independence.



Coming together always makes things stronger. With all your talents added up, your life is sure to be joyful, abundant, and full of the growth you want to see in the world.


Beer Mug

You can't have St. Patrick's Day without a good clink-cheers of a beer! Whether your drinking it green this weekend, or just having a your pint with friends, this charm is all about a celebration with just the right amount of fun. 

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