The Latest Inspo


What's life without a little inspiration? KEEP Collective is ALWAYS all about the meaning behind the jewelry we wear, and these new additions are no different. Each Inspo bracelet is designed to inspire a feeling when you put it on in the morning and to help you carry that vibe through your whole day!

The best part about them is that you don't have to choose one. They are made to stack, swap, and show the world all the things that make you, well, you! Oh, and pssssst, just for April, when you stack them up with our special you get this killer deal: Buy 3, Get the 4th for $5

Meet the Inspo lineup here:


Inspo Love Wrap

Every bead is filled with the true heartbeat of happiness – love! Find yourself surrounded by it when you wear this Love Bracelet every day.


Inspo Friendship Wrap

A friend is just the family we chose! Near or far, your friends will be with you always when you wear this Friendship Bracelet.


Inspo Calming Wrap

“Is that an ‘ohm’ I hear?” Find your happy center during all of life’s crazy moments when you wear this Calming Bracelet every day.


INspo Healing Wrap

You are strong enough to face it all. Wear this Healing Bracelet as a reminder to give yourself time to heal and as a symbol of all the good to come.


Inspo Friendship Stretch

Friendship stretches across great distances, but is always there JUST when you need it. The Friendship Stretch bracelet is a reminder of all the good summer times with friends both near and far.


Inspo Love Stretch

For a love that knows no bounds and can stretch for miles! Wear the Love Stretch Bracelet as a symbol for everything in your heart.


And don't Forget the Not-So-New But Just as Great! 

Get stackin'! And don't forget, in April, Buy 3, Get the 4th for $5