Summer Highlights


The days are getting shorter, the air a little cooler, and we're planning our back to school outfits, but we're not quite ready to let go of summer! We hope that your days have been filled with adventures with friends, relaxation by the water, time with the family, and of course, lots of fun! We truly believe the summer months are when the best memories are made, and part of the warmth of the season is looking back on those moments with love.  

We wanted to take a look back our favorite charms of the season, just in case you missed them the first time, or maybe now you have a new summer moment to turn into a memory!  Here are what made us as happy as a sunshine-filled afternoon this season: 


Tropic Like It's Hot

July Collector's Edition gave us the seriously sunny summer feels: pineapples on the beach, bright pink flamingoes, a packed suitcase ready for adventure, and the beach umbrella as a reminder to take a deep breath and relax in the shade. Whether the charms remind you of an actual tropical paradise or just your own happy place, they were an absolute MUST for the season. 


Tassels Have More Fun

Nothing says summer fun like a swinging, free-wheeling tassel! There's a tassel to represent your friendships, one that encourages new adventures, one for kindness, and a necklace for all the bold moments you took a leap. Tassels are an added touch of happy, just give them a twirl and you'll remember all the good times just "hanging" out in the sunshine.


Tote-Ally Perfect for summer

Going to the beach? To the lake? To the park? To the outdoor mall? Look what we're saying is, wherever there's sun TAKE YOUR TOTE. It's the perfect size for everything you need for summer: a water bottle, some sunscreen, your beach read, and everything else. We also have to point out the oh-so-special feature: the completely customizable tab where you can slide on the charms that are best for any day's adventure.


The summer theme at KEEP was "Say yes to...", and we had such a blast making that motto come to life. Now, we just have to keep those memories close with our Keepers! Tell us about your favorite summer memories on our Facebook