Get Summer Started Playlist


YESSSS! Summer is FINALLY here. We've been gearing up for this for over a month and this long weekend marks Day One of the best summer ever. We love the season of sun so much because it's the time where we really get to play—during long days, on the road, on the lake, in our own backyards, and with everyone we love. 

You have the jewelry (if you don't, click here!), you have vacation plans and the income to fund it all (if you don't, click here!), but you need one more thing: the ultimate 'play' list! From chilling poolside to the car ride to the cabin, these songs will keep those summer vibes flowing. 


Now that you have the jams set, crank them up and crank up the fun! But don't forget to share all your adventures using the hashtags #ikeephappy and #summerfunfund.