Summertime & The Layerin' Is Easy


Get ready for all the fun in the sun with your NEW KEEP Summer "play"list! We've got all you need to capture those warm afternoons spent with your favorite people in your favorite places.

Whether you're in the mood for tropical vibes or a little backyard Americana, there's something for everyone and it's all available RIGHT now. Yes, yes, we know it's only April, but we can will to sun to us, right? Help us by sharing your favorites from the new collection! 

Photo by Samantha Carter

Photo by Samantha Carter

FEeling that Stretch

Friendship stretches across great distances, but is always there JUST when you need it. The Friendship Stretch bracelet is a reminder of all the good summer times with friends both near and far.


Standing Tall

Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet, just like a pineapple! The Be Sweet Pineapple charm is a way to say, "hey! I'm staying golden this summer."


Finding Inspo Everywhere

Introducing our NEW Inspo Collection! Each bracelet has a meaning to help you express yourself exactly how you want every day of the season. Stack them up with our special April promo: Buy 3, Get the 4th for $5

Photo by Angie Jesse

Photo by Angie Jesse


Celebrating Americana

"BYOB: Best Yard on the Block!"- everyone in the neighborhood when you host a block party they'll be talking about for years. All you really need is fireworks, friends, and something cooool to freeze the moment! 

What's your summer favorite so far? Share on #ikeephappy or in the comments!