In Celebration of Teachers Who KEEP

I love connecting finding the fun in any situation. In my small town, it’s nice to be ’Amanda’ sometimes and not ‘Mrs. Boose’!
— Amanda Boose, Star Designer

Today is Teacher's Day and there are SO MANY KEEP Designers who are also teachers (really so so many of you are out there!). We knew we couldn't let this day pass by without showing all of you a little love. 

We appreciate everything teachers do in their day job (which often turns into a night job) and we're always amazed at their ability to get everything done. It's almost like these ladies have more than 24 hours in their day, so we just had to hear from them. Here's 20 lessons on what they've learned and stories about how their world's collide as a teacher, a KEEP Designer, and a superwoman—all rolled into one!

Study carefully by clicking on each KEEP Teacher's yearbook photo, but pay attention! There might be a pop quiz later. 

Camera Shy KEEP Teachers are saying: 

I was a jewelry lover and had stopped wearing any bracelets when I started teaching because they made too much noise. I fell in love with the leather Keepers that fit tight on my wrist with no jingling! Now my commissions have completely paid for courses to add a Gifted Education Endorsement to my teaching license!
— Kaitlyn Pinkard, Associate Designer
I have gained so many customers through the moms of the students in my class and I use KEEP as a conversation starter. I see a parent wearing KEEP and I automatically feel like I have something in common with them.
— Chelsey Javner, Designer
I teach classes about the internet and how we have to use social media in positive and safe ways. I gave the example on how I use facebook to make me money!
— Nicole Messina, Associate Designer