It's Tell A Story Day


It's OUR day, all of us! KEEP Collective is a community of storytellers, and we know that so much can be found in those stories. Our jewelry expresses victories, losses, family, friends, things we love, places we love, and memories we always want to keep close. All of that adds up to be the story of our lives, and we believe is wearing that story proudly for all to see. 

So how does your story come together? It's as easy as 1...2...3! 


1. Start With Inspo

With all these Inspo Wraps, there is one (or two or three or four) for everyone's story. Need to be reminded of your resiliency? Strength has your back! Or want to keep your cool in the chaos? Go for calm! See the other meanings here. 


2. Add An Engravable

Engraving is the easiest way to make a story 100% yours! You can engrave practically anything, but here are some of our favorite ideas: important dates, coordinates, motivational quote, initials, or names. 


3. Pick Your Charms

At the heart of KEEP Collective is the charm. Every single one has a special meaning, coming together to be your unique combination of things that mean the most to you. Shop by category: love, family, faith, friendship, and adventure


4. Stack Stack Stack! 

Whether you do one of each bracelet or fill your whole wrist, our bracelets (and really, our necklaces, too!) are easily stackable and ready to wear all together. Just be prepared for compliments! 


What story does your Keeper tell? Share using #KEEP365 and #ikeephappy or by posting in the comments on Facebook