Thank You Note To You


Today is National Thank You Note Day! We're super grateful for the joy and cheer of the holiday season, but all that fun wouldn't have been possible without the hard work you all put in to 2017.

At Hoopla this year, General Manager Dana Bloom asked our community to be be bold and take a leap into something they thought would be terrifying or even impossible. They delivered in a BIG way and the major milestones we hit as a brand this year show it. 

So this is a thank you note to you, our community, for making all of these HUGE moments possible. These achievements are yours, ours, and they're helping us grow to an EVEN BIGGER AND BOLDER 2018! 

1. Major commissions 

Helping women lead financially independent and emotionally full lives is our #1 goal at KEEP Collective, and to-date, we've done just that! We've paid out almost $44 MILLION in commissions over our close-to-three year run and we can't wait to see that number continue to rise in 2018.

2. Led The Engraving Charge


Another big goal of ours is to provide our customers with jewelry that tells their story in a way no other brand we jumped at our chance to make it even more special with engraving! This year, we took the idea of an engraved charm and EXPANDED, adding Adjustable Engravable Bracelets and Engravable Cuffs to our line. Just a little hint to look out for: 2018 is bringing EVEN MORE amazing engraving options!


3. Collector's Edition Launch


Speaking of making your story special, we had a grand idea...why not launch SUPER limited edition charms and Keepers, so only a lucky few can add them to their designs? Voilà, Collector's Edition

If you've missed these limited edition pieces, do not fret! We have more collections coming in 2018 that are made for the season and ready to be snatched up. 

4. Made Friends with Mimi


Who is Mimi, you ask? Oh, just the marketing assistant every Designer needs to run her business at 100%! 

Through a lot of hard work from our HQ team AND our Designers, we launched the ULTIMATE app for helping our community be the best it can be. The even better news is: she's just getting better in 2018. 


5. Reached 50K on Instagram 

For this one, it's all you! Thank you for liking, tagging, and sharing the little things you love on our Instagram! We love growing our community and making new friends, so keep it up. 

Follow us on Instagram @keepcollective and always hashtag #ikeephappy! 

6. Perfect Partnerships


This year we partnered up with MLB AND Disney to add more magic to our already amazing collection of charms and Keepers. We gained some new fans through great promotions with MinnieStyle and other great Disney blogs, plus gave our baseball fanbase something to wear to their World Series parties! 


7. First-Ever Diamond Director

When we launched KEEP, we knew that reaching the highest Designer level would be possible, but never did we think it would happen so fast! Another huge congratulations to Kathy Gittleman for being the first to this huge milestone. Who's next in 2018?

8. A Magnificant Makeover 


KEEP is growing up from a fledgling little sister of Stella & Dot and so it was time for us to update our look! We were so excited to dive into this and, if we do say so ourselves, the results were fantastic. Look for even more updates in the next year as we continue to "grow up" a little every day.

9. And Last but not least, Me, The Blog

You're here, you're reading, you're sharing, and BOY does that mean a lot to us. When we launched the Collective blog, we wanted to be THE place for our community to come and just see 'what's up' with us. We've dived deep into what makes our Designers tick, we've celebrated with you, and now we're thanking you. 

2018--we're coming for you!