Thank Our Lucky Stars For These Vets


Happy Veteran’s Day to everyone in our community who has served our nation.

Within our KEEP world, the connection to the military is strong. We find those connections through wives of active duty members, mothers of troops, as well as sisters, friends, and children. This community finds strength in supporting each other through the good and the harder times that comes along with being a military family.

Today, we’d like to honor those among us who served directly. Thank you to every Veteran for all that you’ve done for your families, your communities, and for KEEP. Here are two stories about being a Veteran AND a KEEP Designer:


Jessica Loggins’ Story

Jessica was raised in a military family, even being named the Commander of the Junior ROTC in Germany. This accomplishment earned her an ROTC scholarship to attend college and, the day after graduating, she was commissioned in the United States Army as a Medical Services Officer.She spent nine month in Afghanistan in 2013 as part of this role, and upon returning home, became a member of the reserves.

After her return to the U.S., KEEP found Jessica at just the right time. She was contacted by another Designer to host a Design Session, and instantly fell in love with the opportunity to find success through freedom.

“I was in the process of leaving active duty military because my son was 3 months old and I didn't enjoy leaving him every day,” she said. “KEEP gave me the chance to stay home with him, and now my daughter, June.”


Jessica’s experience in the military has contributed to her confidence and leadership during her KEEP journey, although her strategies vary greatly between the two realms.

“My KEEP team, the Chosen Charmers, are team of 91, and the reserve unit where I am Commander is made up of 220 soldiers. There is a leadership factor in both those worlds,” she said. “But they contrast so much in the way I lead. I lead my KEEP team far differently than I lead the soldiers, who are primarily men. My Chosen Charmers are celebrated in all that they accomplish. We cry together, and we are emotional together. The soldiers are lead with more of a fierce strength and toughness.”

That factor of celebration is huge for Jessica, who saw a similarity between the closeness and the community in both the military and KEEP.

Her best advice transcends both her worlds though.

“I always tell my girls that they can be anything that they want to be,” she said. “That’s an old military slogan (and my favorite)--be all you can be. You can be all you can be in any realm, even though the paths couldn't be more different.”

Amy Christiansen’s Story


Amy joined the Navy as senior in high school, turning down a full scholarship to Harvard to serve for five years. Her time in the military was an education in-and-of itself, teaching her about teamwork and responsibility in ways she never expected.

“Not showing up to work in the military can be fatal for others on your team,” she said. “It literally teaches you life or death scenarios. Even in the Navy, teamwork is required for survival.”

But the thing she remembers most about this time: traveling.

“I was young and had never thought to see the world, and then suddenly I was seeing all of it,” she said.

It was that same adventurous spirit that led Amy to a successful career with KEEP Collective.

“I had just left corporate America and decided to join a few [direct sales] companies over the years,” she said. “Until KEEP, I don't think I ever found anything that I was passionate about. I loved the products, sure, but I was never in love with sharing them quite as much as using them. When I got my Starter Kit, I decided I was going to put in the effort to actually make KEEP my thing, and the rest is kind of history.”

She found that her experience with KEEP mirrored a few aspects she loved in the military: friendships, leadership, and learning.


“I never thought that I would be making strong connections with so many people from different backgrounds and lifestyles,” she said. “I've always been social, but I love that our connections aren't limited to just our local area, and we have the ability to be supporters and friends to each other from around the nation.”

Besides the social elements, Amy found herself once again in a leadership role.

“I'm usually a leader in most of my career paths and love the training I get to do,” she said. “In the service I was in charge of the training schedule for our entire ship. I love learning and teaching through life experiences and work. I didn't expect my training experience to be helpful with KEEP, but I really enjoy doing Bootcamps, creating training videos, and just the day-to-day training within my own team.”

Like Jessica, she has advice that can cross the boundaries of whatever career you’re in.

“In anything, you will never get the results you want without the effort needed,” she said. “Nothing is handed to anyone but with consistency and effort, you can achieve any goal you set for yourself.”

Happy Veteran’s Day to all the Vets out there and thank you again to Jessica and Amy for serving and being important members in our community!