Walk On The Wild Side


Fall is here! Well at least in the KEEP Collective world, it is. We look forward to the seasons changing because that means tons of NEW things to love and more ways to add to your story. Sure, it's hard to pick our favorites, but we took a poll and these six picks are really making us 'happy our hearts out'. 


Pavé Panther

You've got the eye of the tiger, or in this case Pavé Panther, on your side with this green-eyed goddess charm.



What's black and white and cute all over? The Collector's Edition Zebra charm, obviously! Take him everywhere you roam, but don't forget, he's a wild one.


Bright Spots Pavé Reflections Stone

I am woman, hear me roar! Let out your loudest growl and slide on the Bright Spots Reflection stone, so you always remember to be your own alpha female.


Leopard Single Leather Band

You're Keeper is about to get more wild by leaps and bounds! The Leopard Collector's Edition single leather band is the perfect way to get ferocious.


Black & White Cheetah Double Leather Band

Double the wild, double the fun! Show off your spots with the Black and White Cheetah Collector's Edition double leather band.


Pavé Set Pink Opal

Open yourself to all wild possibilities with the Pavé Set Pink Opal charm. Pink opal is said to open your heart by healing fear and negative emotions, so you'll be all set to go on whatever adventures arise!


Show us your fall favorites using the hashtag #ikeephappy or by sharing them in the comments on Facebook