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Bootcamp & Leadership Training - Minneapolis, MN


Hosted by: CEO Jessica Herrin & Regional Sales Director Susie Egr

Meet KEEP | 11am-12:30pm

Curious about becoming a KEEP Designer? Come meet local Designers, see the product in person, and learn how to launch a side gig with KEEP - it’s easier than you think!

This event is intended for prospective Designers. Current Designers are welcome to attend.

Bootcamp | 9am- 1pm

Join us for a half-day of training with CEO, Jessica Herrin and Regional Sales Director, Susie Egr and local leaders. Receive game-changing training on booking, sponsoring, and selling and head home ready to take on the second half of 2017, plus over $30 in new KEEP swag (you’re going to love the new collection!)

Intended for existing Designers.

Leadership Training | 2pm-5pm

After the game-changing training at Bootcamp, you’re going to want to dive right in! Get the gears in motion with leadership training for Stars and above from the best leaders around.

Intended for Star+ Designers who attend the Bootcamp.

Later Event: October 14
KEEP Rally - Louisville, KY